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Below you will find all the information necessary to contact, or to locate us using your favorite communication or navigation method. Unfortunately for those of you using smoke signals or carrier pigeon those systems are down for maintenance, please select one of the methods below.


(253) 238 1754

We’re thinking of re-routing this one through India just for the customer service experience.

“Weeelllcoommee to Taco mas cuuba.

How kaan I be of serrvice toooday?”

Until then, if we don’t answer, there is a message machine so leave us a good message if it answers and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

1602 Center st

Suite C

Tacoma WA 98409


We are located in the Nalley Valley, a few blocks North of the Highway 16 overpass.

Driving Directions

1. From I-5 North or South take the Hwy 16 exit towards Gig Harbor.

2. Take the Union St exit.

3. At the first stop light (Union St) turn Left.

4. At the stop light at Center St turn Left.

5. We are a few blocks down on the Right across from Tool Liquidators.

This is in addition to the addresses listed on the Staff page.


 47°14'1.40"N 122°27'19.30"W

Drive down the big road from Seattle and take the turn headed for the big green bridge across the water.  If you get to the bridge, you’ve gone too far.  So turn around and head back, not quite a “fur-piece”, until you get to the exit off the big road that looks like you are heading off into the valley.  That should make you take a left turn to avoid launching off the road.  Follow the road (or else you’ll crash) to the light.  Turn right.  Drive until you see a school on the left and a water tower on the right.  Turn right before the water tower.  Drive past the buffalo soldier museum, past the used, well… whatever it is he’s selling... and down the big hill.  (if your brakes are bad, this is not going to be fun)  At the bottom of the hill turn left.  If you go straight you’ll be at the Atlas Foundry, a nice place but not where you’re headed.  I have a friend who used to work at the foundry, and this one time he was working around a bunch of hot metal and his buddy Joe, who used to drive a tractor for the bulb farm in Sumner, you know the bulb farm, well any way he was at work one day and he had just brought in some banana bread his wife had made, it was the good kind that was kind of moist, not the dry kind some folks make, anyway there we were at work when one of the Jones brothers... Oh sorry, anyway, after you turn left keep on going past a bunch of buildings, past a plumbing supply, past a used appliance store.  Then you should see a sign on the left with balloons, but that depends on if Party World is open or not.  If so, turn right, but don’t hit the fence, if you thought about it too long you might not be lined up with the driveway anymore.  If you don’t see the balloons turn where the balloons should be and you’ll be in our  parking lot.

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