From Recreational To Technical

Tacoma SCUBA

SCUBA training.  This is the place to go if you are new, or if you have been around for a while and are looking for a bit more.  We tailor our classes to the students in them.  We try to keep them exciting.  But most of all we strive to train divers to be safe and responsible.

Recreational SCUBA Classes

SCUBA Diver is the entry level certification.  This is the class you are looking for if you are just getting started.  This class covers all the basics and gets you a certification that is recognized world wide.  It allows you to get air fills, rent gear, and book space on dive charter boats.  This course qualifies you to dive to 60 feet during the day.

Class runs two evenings each week for two weeks.  These evenings will be a mix of classroom study, and swimming pool work.  After completing this stage of the program you will head down to the Puget Sound to complete your checkout dives.  We schedule these for the Saturday and Sunday after classes are over.


Looking for some new skills?  This class covers night diving, navigation, tides and currents, advanced dive planning and lift bags.  We talk more about equipment and how it works.  We show you the inner workings and advanced regulator maintenance.  We offer various extras that can be added to the class.  These may include Nitrox training or a charter trip.  We talk about the added considerations of deeper diving and give you the skills and training necessary to dive to 130 feet.  For this class you will be fully responsible for your gear.  Unlike a SCUBA diver class the students will plan and run the dives.  You will need a full set of SCUBA equipment, either yours or rented gear is fine.  Special items which will be required are dive lights, and  a compass.  The advanced SCUBA class is run as ongoing training and you may begin at any time.

Advanced SCUBA Diver

Nitrox is a breathing gas with higher than normal levels of Oxygen.  It can also be called enriched air Nitrox, EAN, or EANx.  The reduced percentage of Nitrogen helps reduce nitrogen uptake in the body’s tissues and by doing so extends possible dive time and/or reduces the risk of decompression sickness.  Diving with Nitrox can increase your safety, increase your bottom time or shorten your surface intervals.  Nitrox training teaches you more about how gasses affect the diver, and certifies you to use basic Nitrox mixtures with Oxygen levels between 21-40%.  There are two versions of this class.  One is a simple online program, the other is classroom based.  The classroom Nitrox is the first class if you are looking to get into technical diving.


This class expands on the basic rescue skills you have already learned. This is a certification course for divers who desire to assume greater rescue capabilities during diving activities.  The training emphasizes accident supervision and management with practical applications in open water.   CPR, First Aid and Oxygen certifications are required.  We run this course as demand dictates, or as an ongoing clinic.  You read the course materials on your own, attend various training activities with us, and once you complete all the training you are done.  You can take as long as you want and schedule dives according to your own schedule.

Rescue Diver

Master Diver

This is the top of the recreational heap.  Think you know your stuff?  Well here we can put it to the test.  Plan on spending some time on this course.  We will review all the material and skills from all previous classes.  We will plan dives that test your skills.  Once achieving the Master Diver certification you are considered a “Master of Recreational Diving”  You will have to demonstrate a high level of knowledge, skill, and planning in order to pass this class.  Like the Rescue course we run this as an ongoing class.  Join at any time and set the pace yourself.